The Healing Power of Therapy Dogs

Living with a life-threatening illness like cancer requires working through emotional, social and spiritual issues.  Therapy dogs help boost morale, self esteem and overall feelings of well being.

Therapeutic Touch:

Petting a dog releases beneficial hormones into the bloodstream known to be associated with healing and feelings of well being.


Pet owners experience increased social interaction which leads to a better sense of psychological well being.

Blunt Pain:

By initiating and maintaining the relaxation response, pets take a person’s focus off of their pain and elevate their mood.

Mental Health:

Patients who have pets are less depressed or anxious than those who do not own pets.


Children who spend time with pets develop higher levels of empathy and learn responsibility.

Motivation and Learning:

Therapy dogs stimulate learning and intellectual development.


Therapy dogs can help boast the immune system of hospitalized patients.

Overall Health:

Pet owners have shorter hospital stays, fewer doctor visits and less trouble falling asleep at night.

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